3. The Value of D3D Token

The holder of D3D Token enjoys many rights and interests in the D3D economic system. At the same time, D3D also builds more ecological incentive models around the world, to drive the point-to-point value transfer under the digital development, and to expand the application boundary and technology boundary of blockchain technology, so that more users around the world can feel the value of Web3.0 and enjoy the NFT capital gains.

1) The Basic Value of D3D Token

The functions of D3D Token are similar to real currency. Currency has four functions in general: storage of value, medium of exchange, unit of account, and deferred payment. In order to realize the functions above, the following features of D3D Token has been designed:

  • Storage of value: Storage of value refers to assets that can hold value and will not depreciate significantly with time. D3D Token is a payment medium, which is designed to ensure the price stability and will increase steadily even in the volatile market.

  • Medium of exchange: Medium of exchange refers to everything that can represent the value standard and is used to promote the sale, purchase or exchange of goods or services. D3D Token can be used In different types of transactions all over the world.

  • Unit of account: Unit of account is a standard measure of value, which is used for pricing goods and services. Although D3D Token has not yet become a standard measure of value outside the blockchain, it will be used as an unit of account in some cooperative DAPP.

2) The Application Value of D3D Token

Based on the functional design of D3D platform, in the future, we can clearly see that D3D Token will play an important role in the fields of transaction, payment and investment, and will also penetrate in all aspects of society in the future

◎ Trading

  • Users can use D3D Token for transactions instead of legal currency.

  • Users can use D3D Token to trade with other digital currency instead of legal currency.

  • Users can trade other digital currencies to D3D Token to avoid the risk of price decrease.

◎ Payment

  • Greatly save the payment time, especially in cross-border payment areas.

  • The transaction records are stored in the blockchain, which can be better tracked.

  • Effectively reduce the payment cost under the cryptocurrency payment scenario.

◎ Investment

  • Stake other cryptocurrency to obtain D3D Token for NFT investment and financial management, and enjoy double appreciation of assets.

  • NFT transaction records are stored in the blockchain and cannot be changed, thus avoiding accounting disputes.

  • Combine D3D Token, IDO and LP staking to increase the profit.

  • Use the features of D3D Token to develop NFT-based loans, derivatives, market forecasts and other long-term smart contracts that require price stability.

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