4. Global Cooperation

In order to realize the increase of D3D Token market capitalization and the growth of D3D platform users, we will have the promotion through various channels including community, media and exchange.


As a community-driven social project, D3D has its own value of decentralization. We have partners all over the world, especially in the community area. We will have the promotion through community channels.


With the launch of D3D Token and more functions of application, we will have the promotion through global media including Wall Street Journal, Yahoo Finance, Google News, Meta, Bloomberg, JinSe Finance, etc.

3)Strong Partners

In order to protect the security of D3D, we collaborate with strong partners as the verifiers of our network.


D3D Token will first be listed on the world’s major exchange MEXC, and will continue to be listed on other major exchanges including Coinbase, Huobi, OKX, etc. As D3D Token continuously be listed on the world’s major exchanges, D3D Token will be widely promoted and the value has the potential to be raised exponentially .

In the future, D3D will develop more social ecology and D3D value model based on Web3.0, continuously improve the anonymous mapping communication network, encrypted social platform construction and DAO community value consensus based on blockchain technology.

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