1. D3D Wallet

D3D wallet is developed based on blockchain technology, which has powerful functions. It focuses on user experience, to provide a safer payment environment to users. It supports multi-currency and multi-language, and an improved API interface to build a safe and convenient digital asset management tool and entry level application.

D3D wallet provides multi-signature technology, use multiple methods to protect user’s asset transactions and digital assets such as verification code, fingerprint, etc.

For the users’ convenience, D3D wallet uses SPV method, that is accessing the wallet through the Web. D3D wallet uses SSL protocol and supports Symantec CA certification. D3D wallet can also support cold wallet and hot wallet at the same time.

  • Cold Wallet:cold wallet suitable for large amounts of assets. The public and private keys of the wallet are created offline, and users can create any key they like. Once the key is selected, users can receive a large amount of assets by providing the public key starting with G, and keep the private key information starting with S by themselves.

  • Hot Wallet:hot wallet is suitable for small amounts and fast transaction scenarios. Hot wallet use The key of hot wallet use custody method. When users register a wallet account, the wallet will encrypt the private keys using users’ payment passwords through 3DES of the users’ computers, and the encrypted result will be stored in the cloud of the wallet through SSL protocol. The hot wallet key information transmitted on the network and stored in the cloud is the encrypted data of the user, and no one except the wallet user themselves can get the original content of the private key.

In addition, D3D wallet has a cryptocurrency converter, which is convenient for all users to convert their cryptocurrencies into other currencies at any time. D3D wallet is easy to use, not only for entry level users, but also for senior users to choose different professional investment functions for their unique transaction needs. D3D wallets can directly and simply be operated in DAPP, and these new technical features will make the application of cryptocurrency more practical.

Supported by innovative technology, D3D wallet has the following characteristics:

  • Safer: path security, data security, tamper proof and no single point of failure

  • Faster: real-time transactions, no intermediary organizations, faster cross-platform/cross-chain/cross-border settlement.

  • Cheaper: low-cost transaction, low transaction commission, no platform fees

Supported by innovative technology, D3D wallet has the following characteristics:

  • More secure: path security, data security, tamper-proof and no single point of failure.

  • Faster: Real-time transactions, no payment intermediaries, faster cross-platform, cross-chain, and cross-border settlement.

  • Cheaper: Low-cost transaction, low transaction commission, and no middlemen.

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