1. Economy Model

D3D Token can play various roles in governance and utility. D3D Token will provide a value liquidity carrier for platform ecology, NFT display and other kinds of assets in the platform. By combining social interaction, processes and data, the network connection will become more relevant and valuable.

  • D3D wallet supports multi-currency and multi-language, including major tokens such as BTC、LTC、ETH、ETC、USDT, and all tokens in Ethereum ERC20 protocol format.

  • D3D software will establish its own token economy ecosystem, and can establish business relations with multiple partners.

  • Use D3D Token to enjoy discounts for transaction.

D3D Token will also undertake the following functions:

  • D3D Token business model will serve as a governance mechanism, allowing stakeholders to have rights for decision making statements.

  • D3D Token will provide staking profits for holders. Holders can receive exclusive NFT and APY.

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