1. Introduction of D3D

With the arrival of the Web3.0 era, the creation of an anonymous and encrypted cross-regional social network will provide more people with freedom and value, while also allowing the concept of blockchain decentralization to be better implemented. Therefore, the D3D team has collaborated with the world's leading encryption community to develop D3D Social, an anonymous mapping communication network and encrypted social application based on blockchain technology. The goal of D3D is to build a social tool for Web3.0 users via DID. D3D is positioned as a secure social platform for Web3.0 to obtain the most authentic and valuable information with the lowest cost and the fastest approach.

Based on the self-developed Web3.0 social application ecology, we realize the following items:

  • Fully distributed anonymous P2P network communication protocol

  • Support transaction anonymity protection

  • Turing completeness smart contract

  • Support the circulation of third-party assets in the anonymous network

  • Cross-chain communication, multi-chain integration

  • Anonymous social and distributed information storage

  • The distributed stage is used to ensure data security and storage, as well as to prevent data leakage and network tampering in the network.

  • Implementation of encryption technology to prevent data from being intercepted and read by unauthorized third parties.

Based on the digital reward distribution function, D3D will realize ecological fission in the following ways:

  • It is possible to connect the decentralized mini program to any third-party ones, whether GameFi or M2E, in D3D.

D3D, as a blockchain social platform, combines communication and blockchain technology. The D3D team believes that users will have greater privacy and security needs, as well as a greater interest in their own identity value. Users require a more transparent, open, free, and equal environment of the Internet.

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