2. D3D Investors and Partners


X-border Partners:

X-border Partners was established in September 2021, with the vision of “making X-border (cross-border) commonplace in the world.” X-border Partners create platforms and communities with the resources of layers and tax professionals in the world, to support the transactions and projects between Japanese companies and overseas companies or investors.

MEL Cpital:

MEL CAPITAL is a venture capital fund which was established in 2022 by Mr. Katahira. MEL Capital will invest in projects such as Web3.0, cryptocurrency, DAO, DAPP, DEFI, metaverse and blockchain game.MEL Capital has an extraordinary team which can help the companies we invested to affect and change the world.


PROTOCOL is established by a world famous soccer player and investor Keisuke Honda. PROTOCOL operates a social networking service specifically for startups, helping them to expand their network and build strong connections with entrepreneurs, investors and engineers of Web3.0 area.

Squadron ASIA Pacific Limited:

Squadron Asia Pacific Limited is an acquisition fund managed by FLAG Squadron Asia. The fund is located in Hong Kong and the investment areas including Asia and the Middle East.



CyberConnect is a decentralized social graph protocol that supports Web3.0 infrastructure and allows application construction. CyberConnect provides an open-sourced standardized social graph module which has nothing to do with blockchain. The social graph and portable data which is owned by the community bring infinite possibilities for Web3.0 games, messaging applications, news, metaverse, etc. It broke the gap between communities and redefined human interaction.

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