2. Vision and Value


  • D3D can interact and communicate through a multilingual interface, and supports BTC, LTC, ETH and other tokens.

  • Product differentiation: D3D breaks through traditional user experience via the symbiosis of communication and wallet, users can send red envelopes and transfer money to the community.

2) Value

Blockchain will connect the future society. As a byproduct of blockchain technology, the D3D blockchain social network uses a decentralized design to reach consensus on wealth, speech, and innovation.

  • Internet Freedom: The Internet has been called one of the greatest inventions of the 20th century. Through the Internet, we see a wider world and speak freely in this space.

  • Freedom of Innovation: Whether it is science or technology, products or ideas, innovation acts as a catalyst, and freedom is required for innovation. It will thrive in a free-speech environment.

3) Social Service

Other media applications, such as Twitter and WhatsApp, only use Web1.0 or Web2.0 technology, whereas D3D will run on Web3.0. Some applications have vulnerabilities, particularly censorship, and most of these apps use AI to monitor user conversations, which is not safe. D3D is a SocialFi chat application that allows for cryptocurrency transactions.

  • Decentralized ecosystem: The value of D3D is mainly accomplished by users and trusted smart contracts.

  • Free circulation of high-quality social assets: various roles such as D3D participants, developers, promoters and investors are no longer subject to the platform.

  • Users can invite each other and get rewards: the return period for participating in various activities on the platform is shortened.

  • D3D Token incentive system: Introduce participants, players, and users into the D3D Token incentive system by encrypting user data. Users who create content and conduct transactions through wallets will receive corresponding D3D Tokens as rewards.

The D3D platform requires a fulcrum, and the token can only be used in the real economy if it has a certain value. As a result, we created a high-value token, D3D Token, and promoted it through a reasonable token distribution model.

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