1. Core Team

D3D team members have rich experiences in social anonymous, cryptographic communication and blockchain technology applications. D3D Token has built a variety of Web applications under the framework of blockchain encryption social open source over the years, and it can be operated across all major browsers and operating systems. In addition, with the development of blockchain technology, the D3D team has gathered a large number of talents in the blockchain field and technology subdivision field, and led the R&D and application of D3D projects.


Representative of XP Group. Graduated from the University of Tokyo with a degree in law. Member of the Tokyo Daini Bar Association. Specialized in intellectual property, overall startup business, M&A, branding, sports, and entertainment affairs after joining a foreign law firm.


Deputy representative of XP Group. After graduation, joined a publishing company and worked at FiNC Technologies, where he was in charge of recruitment, system design business, and capital business cooperation for four years, contributing to the expansion of the organization. Joined VC and was in charge of venture support and fund operations, and was responsible for the establishment of management departments and business divisions.

YUJI KATO —— Advisor / Co-Founder

Previously worked for the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, OECD (Paris), Morgan Stanley and Merrill Lynch (London). He has also served as the Managing Director of GE’s Healthcare Business in Asia, Office head of Permira Advisors Japan and COO & CIO of the Cool Japan Fund. MBA, Yale School of Management.

DEVIN——Director of Blockchain Technology

Devin has spent the last five years working in the blockchain business. During this time, he oversaw projects in public chains, DeFi, GameFi, IGO, NFT and other areas. He has extensive expertise in Fintech, Web3, Metaverse, and blockchain research and development. Devin has helped to maintain and update the Conflux public chain’s source code and test cases, as well as design, implementation, and maintenance of ShuttleFlow-related services and DAPPs.

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