3. Support NFT and DAO Organizations


DAO refers to“decentralized autonomous organization”. The main purpose of DAO is to go beyond the traditional organizational form and make collective decisions in a distributed, transparent and trust-minimized way. DAO is a new organization structure. People can verify the operation of the organization independently and work towards the common target based on such consensus.

The unique point of DAO is the use of blockchain smart contracts. It writes part or all processes into contract code to execute decisions and assign ownership. The use of smart contracts is an innovation, because smart contracts can make the governance rules of DAO completely transparent and it cannot be changed by any DAO members or external parties. This is because the code run by blockchain can be publicly audited and secured by decentralized node networks.

D3D as a DAO based social service software, will fully support DAO, a brand new social production and organization form. Under the DAO organization of D3D, users can participate in community proposal, discussion, governance voting, management and lottery etc.


Non-Fungible Token is a way of crowdfunding to support the projects. It is also a data unit on the digital ledger called blockchain. Each token can represent a unique digital data, which can be used as an electronic authentication or voucher for the ownership of virtual goods. Because of its non-interchangeable characteristics, non-fungible tokens can represent digital assets, such as paintings, artworks, sounds, videos, games or other forms of creative works. Although the works themselves can be reproduced indefinitely, these tokens representing them can be completely tracked in their underlying blockchain, so they can provide ownership certifications for buyers. Cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum and Bitcoin all have their own token standards to define the use of NFT.

D3D will integrate the code on the chain to support the display of NFT and NFT-based chat for users.

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