3. Investor Protection and Compliance

1)Investor Protection

D3D puts the interests of investors in the first place. We will make efforts on the protection of underlying architecture security and the selection of social mechanisms, in order to protect the assets security of investors and provide valuable Web3.0 ecology at the same time.

In addition, D3D will reserve part of the token as investor protection fund, to deal with all kinds of risks which could affect the interests of investors. This part of the fund will remain frozen and only be unfrozen under the following specific circumstances: if the value of asset is cleared due to the abnormal conditions of any D3D function, the investor protection fund will be started and a certain percentage of compensation will be given to the token holding users. If the users’ assets are lost due to the technical issues of D3D (except force majeure), D3D will also start the investor protection fund and give the users who have suffered losses a certain percentage of compensation.

The fund will prioritize the compensation based on the characteristics of the event, such as the impact, amount of token loss and probability of event occurrence. The committees of the fund will make decisions according to the priorities as soon as possible.


D3D has more than 60 security experts, including senior experts who are incharge of external risk assessment and cryptography PHD who are incharge of crypto attack analysis. D3D also has nearly 100 compliance staff, who will monitor money laundering activities by checking transactions.

In addition, D3D has also cooperated with law enforcement departments, to follow KYC and AML regulations by conducting the identity verification process strictly, as well as track and monitor crypto assets sent to and from their websites.

D3D will also send 1099-K reports to the regulation department of each country, to report the transactions which are over 20,000 USD or 200 times within one year.

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